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You are Here Devotional

Busyness can be a disguise for self-sufficiency and pride. 

Prioritizing prayer requires humility. It requires recognizing that we not in control and we need to lay it all down and trust in Jesus.

Chris Spradley (@youarehere_devotional ) from his book “You are Here: A Discipleship Devotional for Marking the Growth and Development of Your Christian Walk.”

Chris reached out and asked if I wanted to read this book and I was happy I did! Look, it has pictures in it and I’m going to level with you: I like to see pictures in the books I read. 😅

This quote hit the nail on the head for me; I’m a person who describes themselves as “busy.” If you asked why however you’d see that I say yes to a lot of things I probably shouldn’t and I have a hard time letting go of control. My priority list is like a garage; it get’s so full of stuff that at some point I break down, clean it all out with great effort, and then ultimately fill it back up again. It’s not a virtuous cycle at all. 

Self-sufficiency and pride – two things I currently deal with FOR SURE. 🤦🏻‍♂️