Survive or Thrive

Trying to step up my sheep-drawing game one sketch note at a time. 🐑🐑

Words Matter, Part IV

Subtitle: Paid in Full. Powerful message, totally appropriate to lead us into Easter.

Words Matter, Part III

Subtitle: The Will of God.

Love in Action

Does anybody else get nervous when a pastor starts a sermon with, “This sermon is for the men of this church?” Nobody? Just me? Cool, cool. 😅

And The Greatest of These is Love

“If we are not known by our love then we are not following His plan.”

Pastor Jonathan Falwell has been pointing a lot of fingers at Christians lately and it has been pretty awesome. 😬

Say Yes…Time to Follow, Part II

Say Yes…Time to Follow

Say Yes: First and Foremost…Love!

For Unto You…Righteousness

I made a mistake on this one – the title of the sermon is “For Unto You…” but I wrote “For Unto US.” That, and I don’t think I made John the Baptist as “not-normal” as I should have. 🤔