Sketchy Biodegradable iPhone Case!


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The last three phones I had I went with some cheap $10 case on amazon. I’m sure it’s made out of plastic and sadness and will probably exist in some ocean long after the 1000 year tribulation (or just after a thousand years depending on what you believe.) This case though…it’s made out of biodegradable stuff! After you trade in your phone for some fancy new hotness just drop this thing in the ground and theoretically it’ll totally decompose in a year or so! Despite how the components read; I don’t think you can eat this to keep you alive in a survival situation. Maybe just use the phone to call for help…

• 100% biodegradable material
• Components: soil (30%), onions (7.5%), carrots (7.5%), pepper (7.5%), sawdust (1.5%), rice (18%), soybeans (18%), wheat (10%)
• Anti-shock protection
• Thickness over 1.8mm
• Decomposes in ~1 year
• Packaged in a degradable and protective CPE 07 bag and shipped in a carton box
• The SE case fits the 2020 iPhone SE model

Note: I have this printed on-demand by my friends at Printful. I haven’t tested this design on all of the different configurations so if your case looks weird let me know and I’ll make it right!

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