Hi – my name is Paul Mignard. I own a tiny e-learning development company by day and other times when I’m not with my wife or my boys I’m creating art for this site.

I’ve always taken notes in church but a few years ago I found myself with a problem; I kept drifting during a sermon. It wasn’t good drifting either. I couldn’t decide between burritos or pizza for lunch. Ugh, not a good thought pattern to be engaged in while the pastor of my church is trying to reveal the secrets to the creator of the universe. I found the only way to really keep my mind on what was being said (and to even retain the information longer than the hour immediately after the service) was to draw at church. Literally draw – not just take notes. I’ve always liked to draw, I wanted to become more engaged in my faith and now here I am. Literally writing an “about” page at 5:23 a.m. on a Thursday morning.

This site is where I put all of these things. I post on social media as well but here is where all of this stuff will live in high resolution and free from the algorithm that determines what you see or don’t see in the walled garden of facebook, twitter, etc.